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So, now that U.K. viewers are on board, let’s continue our look back at the behind-the-scenes goings-on of Dark Matter “Episode 15: Kill Them All”!


Ah, yes.  Awesome to have Torri Higginson back as Truffault in deliciously Machiavellian fashion.  Love her performance, her attitude, her style!  As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, the director’s cut of Truffault’s sit-down with THREE was decidedly more…uh…chemistry-laden.  So much so that I coined the term THREEfault for potential shippers.  Meanwhile, AfterBuzz’s Yael Tygiel is spearheading Twyx shipdom.  Other shipdoms of potential note include Thryx, Twee, Nyxon, Andrax and, of course, Foix.


A lot of things had to fall into place for our anti-heroes’ escape plant to work, and one of the most crucial pieces of the puzzle was the layout of Hyperion-8 relayed to THREE by their sometimes ally Commander Delaney Truffault (P.S. I completely forgot she even had a first name…

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