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And so it begins!  But beware!  Spoilers abound!


The Nerdist offers up 9 Things We Learned Trekking in Space with Killjoys and Dark Matter


The TVJunkies offers up their own insights from their set Dark Matter set visit: What We Learned About Season 2


Not be outdone, the gang at TVGoodness focuses on yours truly and the promises I apparently made – though, to be fair, I was super drunk during this interview and can’t be held responsible for what I said: Joseph Mallozzi Promises to Put the Dark in Dark Matter


Seat42F, meanwhile, has the Season 2 Scoop and Interviews with various cast members (Well, those who were shooting that day, anyway).

Meanwhile, cast members Roger Cross, Zoie Palmer, Melissa O’Neil, and Jodelle Ferland hit up MCM, London Comic Con where they partook in a few interviews…

You ready?!

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