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Sort of.  While Bubba was working on his tan and Lulu was working the dog park crowd, I was seemingly overseeing the action but actually working on two fronts: Dark Matter and my new super-secret SciFi project.  In the case of the former, I’ve already forwarded my team my game plan for the show’s third season so I’m now breaking down the story arcs into their individual progressive beats.  In the case of the latter, I finished the tease yesterday and am working out the first few scenes in my head, from the rude awakening to the shuttle ride reveal.  Even though production on season 2 has ended, it never REALLY ends.  P.S. I ran Akemi through a couple of the big story arcs that build through Dark Matter’s second (and third) season and her response was utter shock once she recognized the pattern: “You planned that in season one!”…

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