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Good news!  You don’t have to worry about missing Dark Matter the next time you travel to Qatar because NBCU will be partnering with OSN to launch Syfy across the Middle East and Africa!

NBCUniversal and OSN Set to Launch Syfy in Middle East

I am READY for my first Dark Matter con in Dubai!

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Pictured above, our season 2 sneak peek screen shot of the day.  Looks a tad nefarious, no?

A little more productive today as I got some work done on the new pilot.  About 40 pages in, I have a feeling I’ll be doing multiple “tighten and trim” passes to get it down to a lean and mean length.  By the way, thanks for those who offered to lend their military expertise.  I’ll be in touch!


Uh oh.  The Dark Matter season 2 premiere is about three weeks away.  Are you all caught up?  If not, head…

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