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If today was any indication of the relaxing times I can look forward to in the week ahead, I may well need a hiatus from my hiatus…

— Went over the rough cut footage from the gag reel.  Lots of funny bits.  Now it’s just a matter of selecting the best and choosing the order.

— Went over the visual effect shots for a bunch of episodes.  It’s all looking fantastic.  Kudos to VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson and his various teams.  Eye-popping stuff.

— Reviewed budgets for the show’s first two seasons, and prospective third.

— Reviewed a couple of terrific special features.

— Completed the beat sheet for our season 3 premiere: a tease, a tag, and five action-packed, character-driven, twisty-turns acts!

—  Did a little work on my new pilot script and am a little over halfway done.  It’s pretty different from what I usually write, more in…

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