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Hunh.  Interesting.  It’s like that sequence in Game of Thrones where Bran, seemingly losing all sense of reason, enters a vision without the three-eyed raven and unwittingly ends up dooming a bunch of people to the wrath of the Night King including that poor bastard in the tree.  Now replace Game of Thrones with real life and replace the Night King with me and you have a pretty fair approximation of how things unfolded this late afternoon.  That guy in the tree?  He is SCREWED.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 1.56.56 PM

Today’s Dark Matter season 2 sneak peek screen shot of the day!  Check it out. Yes, that’s The Raza.  And, yes, that does appear to be a Mikkei destroyer. Hmmmm.

Holy crap!  Only three days to the season 2 premiere!  To prepare you, here’s an advance preview from Aimee Hicks at

Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere: Advance Preview

And another little preview c/o Dark Matter’s 

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