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“You’re show is coming back this week!”said my friend Tomomi.

“Yes,”I confirmed.

“What channel?”she asked.

“Syfy in the U.S., but Space Channel here in Canada.”

I noticed one of the saleswomen standing off to the side, clearly privy to the conversation, beyond excited and poised as though ready to pounce.

“This Friday at 10 p.m.,”I said.

Unable to hold back any longer, the saleswoman stepped up: “What show are you talking about?”

“Dark Matter,”I told her.

She smiled, hugely.  “I LOVE that show!  Are you in it?”

“No, I’m the show’s creator.”

She was beyond thrilled.  “I’m so happy it’s back.  Friday night?”


“It is SOOOO good.”

“What was your favorite episode?”

A pause to consider and then: “The one told from Julie’s point of view.”


“Wrong show.”

“No, I’m sure it was Dark Matter.”

I was pretty sure it wasn’t but who was I to argue?  Besides…

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