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Seriously.  I feel as though I’ve returned to a shoddy facsimile of the Vancouver I knew and loved.  Okay, I suppose I can forgive the bad weather (despite being told how wonderfully warm it was while we were suffering the deep chill in Toronto), the road closures and construction (VERY reminiscent of Toronto), the expanded bike lanes (often as large as the actual car lanes), even the increasingly complicated green initiatives (green, blue, AND grey bins plus yellow bag – we’re one step away from purple boxes for human remains), but I have to draw the line at the restaurants.  When my old favorites start letting me down, that’s when I seriously have to reconsider my longterm plans.  In the two weeks in which I’ve been back, my return trips to fondly remembered eateries have yielded results ranging from unmemorable to just plain bad.

Yesterday, Akemi and I discussed the…

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