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As much as I liked the familiar confines of The Bridge Studio conference room, I much prefer the season 3 writers’ room with its impressive view (see above).


The most important thing when spinning, next to the stories (well, some would argue AS important) is lunch options.  Where’s good to eat?  Being right downtown by the water, we have plenty of options: Miku, Meat & Bread, La Taqueria.  At the end of these three weeks, even if we fail to break single story, the lunches we’ll enjoy will make it all worthwhile.


Hey, eagle-eyed Stargate fans, notice that yellow mass in the distant background?  Look familiar?  Maybe this will refresh your memories…


That giant pile of sulphur has been sitting there for some 20 years now (at least)!  Yes, giant pile of sulphur.  I imagine the cast and crew had a great time shooting in that particular location.


The Dark…

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