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Last year, the wardrobe department put up Dark Matter-themed dog pictures, each corresponding to a particular episode of the show’s first season.  For instance, this picture –


…corresponded to Episode 5, the one in which our anti-heroes run afoul of the mutated, zombie-like crew of The Far Horizon.  And this picture –


…was a tip of the hat to Episode 8 in which SIX uses clone tech (Transfer Transit) to travel to a distant space station.

See how it works?  Great!  Now all you have to do is correctly match up all 13 of the wardrobe department’s dog pics with their respective season 2 episodes.  And it aint as easy as it looks.

Winner will be whoever manages to guess correctly.  Or closest.  It the event of a tie, the winner will be chosen randomly from our top contestants.

Ready?  Okay.  Here are the Dark Matter season 2 episode…

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