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False alarm!  He’s okay!  He’s okay!

Pictured above: actor Marc Bendavid out for sushi with Akemi and I after shooting “Episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”.  Love this guy.  Super kind, super talented.  He was in Van a couple of weeks ago and he took us out for brunch – and spent some quality time with the dogs…


Staring longingly into each others eyes…

After that final scene, many of you are asking: “What is up?  Is this the last we’ll see of him?”


Well, all I can say is that if and when the crew do escape from Hyperion-8, they’re going to have some unfinished business with THIS guy –


Triggerman Jace Corso.

In the first draft of the script, the new inmates undergo a three-stage decontamination process.  First, they’re blasted with the gas, then, they’re hit with an electric charge that builds up from their feet, arcing…

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