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Let me kick off today’s entry by announcing the winner of the cast-signed, annotated script of “Episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”.  Congratulations to MFB, Mike From Blaine, who matched an astounding 9 of 13 episodes to their thematic dog picture counterparts.  I say astounding because, as it turns out, this contest was really, really hard.  The average number of correct guesses from the approximately 100 people who entered?  3.  3!!

Anyway, as longtime blog reader Line Noise pointed out: “Statistical analysis of everyone’s answers shows overwhelming support for picture 12 for episode 14.” And the majority were spot on!


“Episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”

A reminder that I will doing a live Periscope following the UK premiere of Dark Matter’s second season!

Premiere = 20:00 Monday, July 4th

Periscope = 21:00 Monday, July 4th

Get the app and watch for the announcement on my twitter timeline…

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