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With the completion of today’s final second unit day of episode 213 (Episode 26: But First, We Save The Galaxy), production on Dark Matter’s second season has come to an end.  We are officially done.  Except for the edits, music, sound effects, mixes, color correction, visual effects, other outstanding post requirements, and deliveries.

I am beyond excited to see the finished episodes and for YOU to see the finished episodes because this upcoming season is going to be UN-BE-LIEVABLE.

You wanted more ship to ship battles?  You got more ship to ship battles!

You wanted more futuristic tech?  You got more futuristic tech!

You wanted more Android?  You got more Android!

You wanted ******?  You got ******!

Less than two months to go to our explosive season premiere!

Prepare yourselves by heading over to Netflix and binge-watching season one.

Or follow my alt. Dark Matter twitter handle (@DarkMatter_show)…

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