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“Captain America is weakest.  He has only frisbee.  And the ugliest mask, and he knows it’s ugly – that’s why sometimes he doesn’t wear.”

– Akemi on Captain America


We’re two weeks away from boarding a plan back to Vancouver.  As you can see, Lulu and Bubba are ready to go…BUT will have to shave a little more weight before they’re deemed flight-worthy.  Despite the fact that we’re cutting down on their meal portions and treats, they remain decidedly chunk-monkeyesque.  I suggested we adopt an alternate weight loss plan: weigh them every morning and whoever’s heaviest doesn’t get to eat that day.  In response to my idea, Bubba game me THIS look:


NOT impressed.

Speaking of eating, my Goodbye Toronto Tour continues.  On Tuesday night, Akemi and I met up with fellow foodie and Dark Matter Social Media Czar Natalie Cooper for dinner at Piano Piano, home of our favorite…

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