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We wrapped production on Dark Matter’s second season last week and, slowly but surely, the cast and crew have moved on to different things: plans, projects, cities. I’m in town for three more weeks, finishing up my cuts of the final few episodes, sitting in on a few mixes, and saying goodbye to anyone who’s still around.

Last night, it was Jodelle Ferland (FIVE) and her sister Marisha who came out for one last dinner with Akemi and I before heading back home to the west coast…


The Ferland sisters.  Such cuties.


Jodelle is a vegetarian, so we ended up going to Lee Restaurant on King Street, a place that also offers an excellent array of veggie dishes – and some pretty damn impressive desserts.  Pictured above the exquisitely elaborate Signature French & Chinese Tong Yuen: warm sweet rice dumpling, chocolate nougat, Indian pastry, strawberry, crème brûlée, peach & rosewater.



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