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Whoa.  You thought your job was rough.  Check out actors Anthony Lemke and Alex Mallari Jr., nursing their wounds after a particularly brutal second season:


In retrospect, I guess the production SHOULD have sprung for those stunt doubles.

Well, I spent the afternoon in editing today with the incredible Ben Wilkerson, working on our penultimate episode (Episode 25: Sometimes In Life You Don’t Get To Choose).  To quote from the email my writing partner, Paul, sent last night after screening the episode: “Phew, that’s some ending.”  Oh, hell yes, it is!

Tomorrow, I get on the phone with the team from Syfy International – about 40 individuals representing various broadcast regions – to talk about the show’s second season and what we can do for YOU the fans.  And all you need to do is tune and spread the word.  Dark Matter premieres July 1st on Syfy, Syfy Spain…

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