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Last week, I almost convinced Akemi that we should adopt a senior pug.  More to the point – I did convince her that we should adopt THIS 10 year, 9 lb bundle of joy –


It seemed such a sure thing that Akemi was entertaining a possible name change to Konatsu (a type of Japanese orange) while I was considering how to break the news to our sometime travel companion (and blog regular) Jeff who could be charged with escorting the newest addition to our family on our next Toronto trip. Sadly, however, things did not work out.  Apparently the old gal has a bit of a temper and doesn’t play well with others – specifically, other dogs.  And, even more specifically, other dogs who tend to roam too closer to her food bowl (which Bubba has been known to do on occasion).

So, no Konatsu for us.  I am truly…

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