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It’s the end of another season of Dark Matter and I can’t help but consider it a bittersweet conclusion to another fantastic year.  On the one hand, I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished and am looking forward to a little time off.  On the other hand, I’m genuinely going to miss my extended family, this cast and crew, with whom I’ve spent the better part of my days these past seven months.

Last night, we said our goodbyes in fine style with drinks, dance, drinks, food, and drinks…

x Noreen shows off her spaceship purse.

x Brianna and Matt

x DOP Craig Wright looking dapper.

x Alison and Akemi ready to party.

x Akemi samples the refreshments.

x Jean and Rowena

x Anastasia and Jeff (aka Lieutenant Anders)

x Norman sports his team colors.

x Ellen and Adam

x Zoie and Akemi

x Lindsay and Vanessa

x The Ferland sisters: Jodelle and Marisha

x Melissa, Ivon and Brett

x Roxanne and David

x Jodelle…

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