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The official announcement came yesterday over on  Actor Shaun Sipos joins the cast of Dark Matter.  Here’s the article:

Shaun Sipos Joins Dark Matter

Sipos will play Devon, a once world class surgeon, who is haunted by a dark past that may pose a danger to himself and his fellow crew members.

Sipos.  Sipos.  Now why does that name sound familiar?

Oh, yeah!  Shaun’s sister, Jessica, played Tash, the mercenary with the weird sibling bond, back in the show’s first season (Episodes 210-211).

Having worked with both, I can personally attest to the fact that Shaun and Jessica share clear genetic predispositions.  They’re both terrific actors, exceedingly charming, and two of the nicest people you could ever hope to spend time with.

Tonight’s the Dark Matter wrap party.  I’m off to limber up for my treacherous signature dance moves (Professional dancer on closed dance floor.  Do…

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