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Tomorrow will mark the last Tuesday of the Dark Matter season 2 production schedule.  Where has the time gone?  It feels like only yesterday we were in Vancouver convening the writers’ room –


Back at a time when season 2 and the Trump presidency seemed so impossibly faraway.  And now look at us.


Finally, after many months of spinning, writing, prepping, shooting, and slaving over a hot editor, the end is in sight.  And once I finish my final edit at the end of May and get through a few mixes, I’ll be flying back to Vancouver for some much needed R&R – Research and Review as I prepare to beat out Dark Matter’s third season.  Juuuust kidding…

I’ve already started beating out the show’s third season.  I’ve got the major arcs, series and character, as well as many of the stories.  And, this morning, I just finished breaking the season…

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