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Today was a good news, bad news, good news, bad news, good news day.

Good news: I arranged to have a local ice cream donut truck swing by set this afternoon after lunch as a thank you to our amazing cast and crew.  Essentially it’s a European sugar and cinammon-encrusted donut, lined with nutella, and stuffed with soft serve vanilla ice cream.  Faaaantaste-tic!

Bad news: Even though we had two units shooting (main and second), The Chimneys truck could only set up outside one studio.


Good news: Fortunately, second unit was shooting only five minutes away and we arranged for the truck to be there through and lunch and well into the late afternoon, plenty of time for everyone to make their way over.

Bad news: Unfortunately, the ice cream machine broke down partway through the service.


Good news: But not before I got mine.


Also good news: Looks like…

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