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Because I just can’t get enough of them during our 12 hours workdays, I met up with members of the cast and crew this weekend for the very first Dark Matter Picnic!  Organized by Melissa O’Neil (TWO) and (conspicuously absent) Executive Producer Vanessa Piazza, the event promised  “fun, picnic potluck, and hangs!”, “12:30 onward til sun sets”.  Hmmm.  Since the sun sets at approximately 8:00 p.m., that would give us roughly seven and a half hours to pack in the fun and/or hangs.

“Is that set in stone?”I asked Melissa.  “What if I want to stay past dusk?”

“You can stay as long as you like,”she informed me.

I brought along the family – Akemi, Bubba, Lulu – along with treats: pork buns, curry beef buns, chicken buns, bottled water, a Jodelle Ferland, a Jodelle Ferland’s sister, and a Jodelle Ferland’s dog.  Others brought dessert.

And sporting equipment.  Melissa had…

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