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Well, as promised, today is the day YOU get to help choose a new Dark Matter episode title.  For those of you not-in-the-know, Dark Matter fans have helped select the names of every season 2 episode to date.  To date, these have been your choices:

“Episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”
“Episode 15: Kill Them All”
“Episode 16: I’ve Seen The Other Side Of You”
“Episode 17: We Were Family”
“Episode 18: We Voted Not To Space You”
“Episode 19: We Should Have Seen This Coming”
“Episode 20: She’s One Of Them Now”
“Episode 21: Stuff to Steal, People to Kill”

And, today, we move on to Episode 209 (“Episode 22”).  The nominees are:

The polls are open for the next 24 hours.  Cast your vote!

Looks like we’ve got a lockdown situation, courtesy of the Art Department’s Sumeet Vat.

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