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Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel!  Following a day chock full o’ meetings, we’re in the home stretch.  Episode 212 starts shooting on Monday – which means our season finale starts prepping that same day – which means YOU’RE all that much closer to watching Dark Matter’s second season! (Photo above courtesy of Renee Chan).


Awww, it’s a kid’s fingerprinting station.  How adorable – uh, hang on.  That’s not paint!  (Disquieting on-set visual compliments of Ivon Bartok). IMG_5637Mystery corridor.  Note the stark Kubrickesque red and white color scheme.


Mystery box.  What’s inside?  I’m pretty sure it’s nothing good.


Mystery lab.  The spotlit table with the metal restraints is a tell.


Mystery crew.  What is the gang up to today?

Last day to post your questions for Melissa O’Neil Dark Matter’s TWO (as if you didn’t know).

Tomorrow, the voting commences for yet another Dark Matter episode…

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