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It hit me early this morning, at 4:15 am on the dot, rousing me from a deep slumber and striking me with the sheer obviousness of it all.  The seemingly unconnected pieces actually came together in my dream, snapping together to offer an answer to a question I hadn’t even asked.  Or even thought to ask.  But now…NOW it makes perfect sense.  I shared my theory with someone and, while he preferred to offer the benefit of the doubt, there’s no denying the “coincidental” nature of the seemingly unrelated developments.  Damn.  This may get ugly.

But that’s a confrontation for another time.   Today, it was all about a rare Saturday shoot that saw me catching a lift to the deep freeze wilderness of Rockton with Episode 211 director Mairzee Almas (pictured above, imagining ahead during a location scout).


Mairzee hails from Vancouver where she’s worked on productions like Smallville

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