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Ishida Cruiser Thumbnails

Let’s get the ball rolling on this totally awesome blog entry with these totally awesome Ishida cruiser designs by the totally awesome Jon Hrubesch.  A LOT of wonderful variety to choose from here.  We’re leaning a certain way, but would love to hear your thoughts.

If I can refresh your memories, THIS was the Ishida shuttle design you chose not too long ago:


Dark Matter co-creator, Paul Mullie, bowed out on taco dinners Saturday so that he could devote his entire weekend to episode 213, the BIG season finale.  This morning, he delivered an impressive 35 pages – three acts and a bit.  I took over today and got us to the top of page 45 and the beginning of Act V.  I figure I’ll finish a draft by tomorrow, maybe Wednesday at the latest, and then pitch it back to Paul for the polish and finish.  By next week…

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