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I come downstairs for the Episode 211 props meeting and discover THIS prototype awaiting me.  The art department has been relentless in its efforts to get these space bongs on the show.  In the past, they’ve attempted to sneak them by as set dressing.  Recently though, their efforts have grown more inspired, as I’m sure you’ll agree.


Dark Matter Production Designer Ian Brock demonstrates proper safety and handling of the RPG-420.


Just want to make sure the safety’s on…


Part of our SciFi Guys with Guns pictorial.


Meanwhile, upstairs, Stunt Coordinator John Stead demonstrates a less expensive approach to subduing the enemy – in this case, Production Manager Robbie David.

Less than three hours to cast your vote for a new episode title.  If you only cast your ballot once this year, make sure it’s on this very important issue: What are we calling Dark Matter Episode 208?

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