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Kaboom! We have now completed two-thirds of the shooting schedule for season 2 of Dark Matter.  Granted, in comparison, we’ve finished only a little over half the edits, less than 15% of the visual effects, hardly any of the mixes – but still, the heavy lifting has been done.  And, late last week, I completed a first draft of Episode 212, an episode that, I suspect, will raise more than a few eyebrows on set.  #OhdaaaamnThatdidNOTjusthappen!

(Kaboom graphic by artist Victor Mare)

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 5.55.13 PM


Whoa whoa whoa.  Not so fast, guys.  Not so fast.


Ivon and I were rewarded for all of our work (him for writing Episode 209, me for just being me) by longtime blog reader Maryanne who sent us a treat pack chock full o’ Aussie goodies and assorted pug paraphernalia.  Thanks!

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Good news!  Reddit and I are friends again thanks to the timely intervention of some…

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