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Akemi’s English has vastly improved over the 6+ years (!) we’ve been together. Nevertheless, she’s still prone to the occasional Akemi-isms, those odd turns of phrase uniquely hers.  I’ve covered them in past blog entries, everything from terms like “punching sweet” (super sweet) to descriptives like “tastes like old man’s pillow” (her take on the flavor of truffles) to words of wisdom like “Tokyo crows are very smart. They eat McDonald’s garbage and their brains get bigger!” (on the superior intelligence of Tokyo crows).

Here are a few more to add to the list:

brinkle: to blink

porkupintus: appendicitis

Something’s coming down with me!: I’m coming down with something!

You’re shrinking like a balloon ten days after birthday party!: You’ve lost weight!

grandma eyes: poor eyesight

miss and hit: hit and miss (If you attempt to correct her, she’ll always reply: “Same thing.”)


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