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It’s been a lot of fun working with director Peter DeLuise again.  The last time we were together on set was, oh, five years ago on a little Stargate: Universe episode called “Deliverance”.  Remember…



Ah, good times.  Good times.

And some pretty damn good times on the set of Dark Matter.

Today, we were at the headquarters of Alexander Rook’s Dwarf Star Technologies for the episode in which our crew bring in their air conditioning unit to get repaired.  Riveting stuff!


We also shut down production so that Peter and I could do an interview for the Brampton Film Office.  While we were chatting, an extra strayed out of his pen and wound up accidentally locking himself in the men’s bathroom for most of the afternoon.

Hey!  The people have spoken.  YOU have chosen a brand new episode title for Dark Matter’s second season.  Again.  To date, these…

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