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It’s hard to believe that we just started production three months ago.  Even harder to believe that we’ve only shot 60% of Dark Matter’s second season.  Only 60%! I mean, honestly, it feels like the finish line is within sight based solely on my anxiety levels.  I delivered the script for 211 yesterday which now means the pressure is ON for me to complete the script for 212 in timely fashion.  Like every season of every show I’ve ever worked on, I tell myself that once I complete my last script, it’ll be smoooooth sailing.  I’ll be able to relax, enjoy my free time, resume my reading and t.v.-watching ways, and, best of all, NOT have to think about scripts.  But, deep down, I know the reality will be that the moment I finish that last script, I’ll start making plans for the next one, the next season, the next…

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