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First off, thanks to everyone who expressed outrage, disappointment, and general apathy toward the revelation that I have been shadowbanned on reddit.  I had hoped that cross-posting my blog entries on other sites would offer up access to behind the scenes pics, vids, and insights to those who may not be aware of the blog, opening up opportunities for discussion on other venues like twitter, Facebook, reddit, and, of course, The National Weather Service.  Apparently, reddit’s admins frown on heavy cross-promotion which, I suppose, is understandable.  While I’d love to be a more active redditor, the truth is, with all of the demands of prep, production, and post-production, I have little time for much else net-related outside of this blog.  And so, while the notion of being shadowboxed is somewhat annoying. at the end of the day, it’s really neither here nor there.  On the upside, a couple of the moderators…

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