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I had a bad feeling about today early on.  Call it sixth sense.  Or a premonition.  Or the fiery sting of my Jack Black cologne that I inadvertently sprayed directly into my right eye this morning after getting dressed.  I just knew.  And, sure enough, today, a few on-set snafus were followed by a rare “second set o’ notes” on episode 209, capped by an overdressed kale salad for lunch.  But I really shouldn’t complain. It’s all part of the job.  Except, of course, for the overdressed kale salad. And, arguably, the cologne in the eye.  Anyway –

This afternoon, I discovered I’d been shadow-banned on reddit.  It sounds positively nefarious (SHADOWBANNED!)  and I said as much in a comment when someone posted the news on this thread:

But, of course, no one replied because my comment is not visible to readers since, well, I’ve been shadowbanned…

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