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Breaking News!  Ish.

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The cast of Dark Matter will be appearing at next weekend’s Toronto Comic Con. Catch their panel at 3 p.m., Saturday March 19th!  Room 801!

I’ll also be there to support the show – in spirit, by walking the floor and checking out the comic book-related merchandise.  Come find me!  I’ll be the guy buying Iron Man arc reactor cufflinks on Saturday afternoon.

Oh crap!  I was strolling by set recently and came across THIS sight –


To quote a certain gangly grey guest star from an episode of Stargate: Atlantis: “Crap, indeed!”

Renaud Interstellar Battleship

Since you all had a hand in selecting the model, click on the above image for a full-size high-rez peek at artist Jon Hrubesch’s awesome design for Alicia Reynaud’s ship.  After considering the input on this blog, twitter, Facebook, and a couple of other sites, we elected to incorporate elements from two of…

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