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Writing can be a lonely job.  But, there are occasions, when it doesn’t have to be – when you can count on gifted individuals who can lend you the creative support you need to make your script that much better.  I’m talking about the unsung heroes: the idea board bouncers, the pitch spinners, the story breakers, the readers, the revisers, the polishers, and the critiquers…


After completing a first draft of any script, I always read it aloud to Bubba and Lulu.  They are, without a doubt, my toughest critics.  Bubba is a stickler for dynamic act outs while Lulu is all over the teases and tags.  Also, anything that smells like beef.


Writer’s Block is nothing to be ashamed of.  It happens to the best of us.  And, when it happens to me, I prefer to set the script aside for a while and revisit it later, with fresh…

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