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I knew of Jason Priestley through his extensive work in front of the camera but, over the past year, I’ve been hearing more and more about his work behind the camera as well.  And then, back in October, when we were putting together our directors’ schedule for Dark Matter’s second season, his name came up again. And again.  According to people in the know, Jason is a pretty damn fine director.

So, I did my due diligence, asked around, and learned that not only is he a good director, but he is, apparently, a great guy to work with.  Win-win!

Jason leads prep on Episode #207 Jason leads prep on Episode #207

Jason started prep on Episode #207 last week.  On his first day, he was fairly quiet. In hindsight, he was clearly getting the lay of the land, familiarizing himself with the production, its personnel.  And then, on day 2, he was ON – breaking…

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