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I started this blog on another hosting site before moving over to my permanent home here on wordpress.  I was able to transfer all of the pre-existing comments with me – but, sadly, not their IP addresses.  So, more or less…

KathyC writes: “I definitely was a lurker for a long time before actually posting a comment. I think I’ve read your column daily since…since…oh geez. I don’t know when. 2012, maybe?”

Answer: March 7, 2012 – “It may surprise you to know…I watch Finding Bigfoot. LOL Stupid show, but can’t miss it when it comes on.”

poshrapto writes: “Used to be daubermaus, then maushiem, then a few other sign ons, now I just follow on fb. Came on board at the start of SG-U, after googling a recipe and finding you.”

Answer: March 26, 2010 – “Matcha Ice Cream with veins of dark chocolate ganache and a dusting of…

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