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With the start of prep on Episode 208 and the commencement of principal photography on Episode 207, Friday, February 26th, marks the unofficial halfway point in the production of Dark Matter’s second season.  On the one hand, I am amazed and delighted that it has gone so quickly and so smoothly to date; on the other hand, I am stunned and slightly unnerved by the fact that we have less than three months to go before wrap.  I await internal notes on Episode 208 and am almost finished my pass on Episode 209.  Paul is working on Episode 210 this weekend and I have a first draft of Episode 211 sitting on my desktop, awaiting review.  I’ve got an outline for 212 and want to get started on the script by next weekend.  As for 213, the BIG season finale…well, we’re keeping the details on that one under wraps but…

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