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Spent my afternoon in editing with the lovely Wendy Hallam-Martin, working on the John Stead-directed Episode 204.  LOTS going on in this one.  An alternate title I was going to throw into the mix “Space Station Are Dangerous” didn’t make the cut because it literally did not make the cut.  Ah, well.  Still, a lot of great contenders to choose from (including Akemi’s favorite, “Hello, Titch”).


While director Bruce McDonald started shooting Episode 206 this morning, I was starting prep on Episode 207 with a new (to Dark Matter) director.  I know him for his work in front of the camera but have heard A LOT of great things about him both personally and professionally.  And, if today was any indication, we’ll probably have a slew of great stories to add once this episode wraps.

Uh oh.

We had a great visit from the gang at NBCUniversal yesterday.  They’ve been nothing…

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