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Drea writes: “Think we can do another mailbag soon?”

Answer: Okay, let’s do it!

arcticgoddess writes: “By the way, it’s that time of year again. The time of year that you decide and let us know whether you will be visiting San Diego Comicon again. So, will you?”

Answer: No.  After my experience at last year’s SDCC, I’ve decided I won’t be going back.  In addition to a litany of annoyances, it was, ultimately, a giant waste of my time – time that would be better spent working on scripts for next season.

shinyhula writes: ” How was the mead, does it taste like you’re drinking honey? ”

Answer: Er, not quite.  More like a slightly turned dessert wine.

Drea writes: “How’d your final “pants in go Joe? And how is Lulu doing?”

Answer: May final “pants-in” is still a little over three weeks away, but the suit went from…

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