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Sometimes, when you’re on set, you come across the strangest sights.  Like today, for instance, when I happen across Executive Producer Vanessa Piazza in the midst of her workout.  Her killer regimen involves cardio, eating right, and heavy HEAVY weights.  Check her out…



  Then she concludes her routine by tossing anvils at parked cars.


Well, look who swung by the office today…in the mistaken assumption that he had prep meetings today on Episode 206.  That’s right!  It’s everyone’s favorite rebel cowboy director Bruce McDonald.

IMG_3619Hey, who’s up for a little getaway?

In the news that will no doubt make your day, I wrote the final scene of act today, meaning I have only one more scene to write for the tag at which I’ll have one rough first draft script!

After watching the first three cuts of the year, I have to say you’re all in for one helluva…

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