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Something weird’s been up with Lulu lately, and I’m not referring to her fashion sense.  She’s been up at all hours of the night, drinking a lot (water only as I keep the whisky bottles out of reach), and seems to have lost a lot of the bulldogly exuberance that made her alternately adorable and annoying.  She has also been experiencing some rear limb weakness and, as a result, we’re off to consult with a neurologist tomorrow.  I’ll suppress the urge to submit the above picture as evidence of her unusual behavior for fear they’ll forego any actual tests and just admit her to the nearest doggy mental hospital.

Last night, she was up continually jumping off the bed, pacing about, drinking water, asking me to help her back onto the bed in her imitable way.  And I was up for most of the night with her.  On the bright side…

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