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While we await the responses from our previously announced guests, I thought I’d get the ball rolling on one more Dark Matter crew member Q&A.  Victoria Klein, pictured above, is the show’s props master.  She and her team are our resident MacGyvers, crafting futuristic weapons and otherworldly tech using anything from electric toothbrushes to paper clips.  Over the course of the Dark Matter’s first season – and well into its second – they have created some truly inspired gadgets, guns, gak and who-knows-whats.

Today, I start taking questions for Victoria.  Let’s delve into the workings of her devious mind.  Post your queries in the comments section.  I’ll gather them up over the course of the weekend and then send them her way Monday morning!

While we’re on the subject, here’s a little something Victoria and co. came up with for a future episode.  What is it?  As always, I don’t ask…

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