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We tried out a new caterer today.  On the menu: flaccid boiled chicken, dressing-free salad, and fat slices of disquietingly gooey eggplant parm topped with cold cheese.  Mmmmm.  There were a lot of crew members ordering pizza this afternoon. In retrospect, I suppose it was apropos.  Prison food for our prison set…

1Today, stunt coordinator John Stead and his crew were front and center for the BIG extended action sequence.  Fists and feet weren’t the only things flying on this day. John did a brilliant job choreographing the scene and director Bruce McDonald did an equally brilliant job capturing the on set mayhem.

Also today, we took a little walk-thru one of the new sets.  Some terrific work by Production Designer Ian Brock and both the Art and Construction departments.


Oh, you do NOT want to go in there.


Well, this is creepy.


Down and dirty.


Textures, colors, and filth!

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