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In a perfect world, I’d be sleeping peacefully away like those two pictured above (Look at them!  They get to actually sleep on set instead of pretending they’re simply “deep in thought” which is MY go-to) , but until they finish fine-tuning that teleportation technology I’ve been anxiously awaiting (for going on thirty years now), it looks like early (early!) wake-ups will continue to be part of my daily routine.


Not only do you have to get in early enough for first blocking, but you really need to get in early enough to grab a parking spot otherwise you’re shuttling over from the production offices.


Mind the flashing light!  If it’s on, DO NOT ENTER at the risk of director Bruce McDonald throwing you in solitary.


Given the choice, I always choose “Lunch”.


I discover two other early birders: Boom Operator Drew Williams (left) and Director of Photography Craig Wright…

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