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Today, we were back on Hyperion-8 for our third day of main unit.  On the docket:

  • Inserts owing of the “flash”
  • The lipstick acquisition
  • A deal is struck/A plan is hatched
  • A complication leads to an improvisation (that will, in turn, lead to another complication – which will, again, lead to another improvisation)
  • The ladies out and about
  • Bubba’s back!


I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it’s been working with director Bruce McDonald again.  He always brings such a great energy to set.  There’s never a bad or boring day when Bruce is calling the shots.

So, before the holidays, I mentioned there were some big guest star announcements coming your way.  Well, they’re still coming.  In the meantime, said guest stars have made their to Toronto for costume fittings, hair and make up sit downs and, in a couple of cases, some actual on-set action.  Like…

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