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When I started this blog back in late 2006, little did I realize that I’d still be writing daily instalments – nine years later!  Over that time, I’ve covered everything from my personal life to my job to everything in between, offering readers production insights, behind-the-scene tidbits, reading and restaurant recommendations, oodles of dog pics and much, much more.  Go back over these 3000+ posts or use the handy archive scroll in the right sidebar and pick a post at random, relive production on Stargate: Atlantis’s final season or Stargate: Universe‘s run.  Check out the guest Q&A’s with such authors as John Scalzi, Michael Moorcock, and Lois McMaster-Bujold.  Read resident film critic Cookie Monster’s Supermovie reviews.  Discover my opinion on such wide-ranging topics as The Olympics and the sheer impossibility of eating a mango.

2015 introduced an all-new subject to this blog: Dark Matter

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