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Wouldn’t that jar your preserves?

  • This one was my father’s.  He used to say it, with absolutely no sense of irony, on those occasions when something would burn his ass (another favorite expression of his).


  • This one was my mother’s.  I always assumed it was simply her Italian way of attempting “Shucks” until the day our neighbor told me: “Shuck?  Who is your mind trying to kid?”

Jesus Crisis!

  • One of many delightful Akemi-isms.  As Martin Gero pointed out: “It actually makes sense.”

We’ll burn that bridge when we come to it.

  • He may not be the original source, but I heard Executive Producer Elliot Sokolsky utter this little gem and I intended on making it my own.

I’m melty-sleepy!

  • Another Akemi-ism.  Definition: reeeaaally sleepy!

Don’t expect your parents or your money to last forever.

  • This one comes our way via Akemi’s grandmother – apparently a very practical woman.

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