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This time last year, Montreal was in the deep-freeze, festooned with flurries, its streets and sidewalks treacherous with ice and snow.


This year, it’s more like this –


Blues skies, green lawns, and oh so warm.

I’ll never complain about global warming again.

Well, last year mom declared it would be the last time she prepped and cooked a big feast for over a dozen people.  I was, of course, dubious because she’d made the same declaration the previous year.  This year, as she preps and cooks a big feast for fourteen, she has declared it the very last year she does this.

Sure sure.

While mom was prepping for tonight’s dinner, Akemi, sis, and I were out running errands.  One of our stops was Costco which, it turns out, is like visiting Disneyland for Akemi.  She could barely contain her excitement as we drove into the lot, then was…

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