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The last time she was in Toronto, radio personality Sarah Bartok (sister of far less popular Dark Matter Consulting Producer Ivon Bartok) threw me a few Montreal restaurant recommendations.  At the top of her list was a place called H4C.  I immediately texted my sister and requested it be placed on the reservation rotation for my Christmas visit.  The other night, we went.  The verdict?  Sarah easily maintains her popularity edge over her brother.  Akemi absolutely loved H4C and is already talking about our next visit.

As is customary whenever I go out with my sister, we simply ordered almost everything on the menu, starting with the amuse bouche and home made bread with country style butter before segueing to…


Chicken liver mousse with sea buckthorn and and pickles.  Positively melted in our mouths, like sweet and savory ice cream.


Beets with wild cranberries, ricotta, Chateau de Bourgogne, and za’atar…

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